“Probably the most powerful piece of art I have ever seen”


“My sister volunteers with refugees from the New Canadians Centre. She brought a family of doctors to see the show. The mother cried throughout the performance, and my sister was worried she had done something wrong, but afterward the family was raving about the show and they went and had coffee and talked about it for hours. It was the son’s (in his early 20s) first time being in a theatre and they are eager to see more. Magnificent work!”

“Roshanak Jaberi is a Force to Reckon With”

-Kathleen Rea

“Working on this show changed the way I treat the women in my life.”

“bold, graceful, elegant and empowering aesthetic power.”

-Bateman Reviews

“Sometimes you see something that absolutely moves you to the core”

“Poetic and urgent blending of dance and politics”

-My Entertainment World

“I was anxious to let you know how brilliant last night’s performance was. We can’t stop talking about it! I’m sad that the performances are over! This kind of cultural pedagogy deserves more time and space in Toronto. “

“Layers of aesthetic purpose and urgency reveal a truly beautiful, disturbing, and hauntingly empowering visual landscape”

-Bateman Reviews

“Deeply, deeply moved by No Women’s Land. Still thinking about the incredible show that Roshanak Jaberi choreographed and conceptualized. Absolutely flawless performance by incredible dancers. This show is so necessary. We must continue to tell the story of refugee women and ensure their voices are heard and never forgotten. I truly hope there’s a way to continue showing this crucial work of art. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It was a true honour Roshanak! I truly hope there is a way that it can be presented again- I know many people who couldn’t get tickets and know many who would benefit from seeing it!”

“To watch these six performers on stage was magical and electrifying”

-Inside Looking In

“I thought the performance last night was amazing. Not only was captivating to watch, it was also timely and brought forward current events in an honest light…No woman’s land was impactful. Today I saw an email, and I viewed in a different light. I hope this piece brings you much success, it was some of the best theatre I have seen in a long time.”

“I was amidst one of the most diverse audiences I had ever seen in Canada”

-My Entertainment World