The Woman in White

About This Project

The Woman in White is the true story of the forced disappearance of Juana Irma Cisneros Ticas, a mother and nurse who was captured during the Salvadoran civil war on September 12, 1982.


From October 15, 1979 to January 16, 1992 El Salvador endured a civil war. More than 8000 people were forcibly disappeared, over 80,000 died, 1 million were displaced and 500,000 were internally displaced.


A victim of enforced disappearance is distinct from a missing person. Enforced disappearance is the state-sanctioned taking of a person followed by a refusal to acknowledge the taking or disclose the fate or location of the disappeared person. (People for Equality and Relief in Lanka)



We often hear stories about victims of forced disappearance, but rarely do we experience them from the perspective of their families who are still searching. This photo exhibit offers an intimate look into a daughter’s journey through love and loss, and her quest for justice. The items featured in these photos–an ID card and graduation cape–hold special memories and are among the few remaining pieces belonging to Juana Irma.


Dedicated to Juan Irma Cisneros Ticas, and all the human rights defenders and victims of war in Central America. May this film contribute to your journey to justice, reparations, and healing.



Featuring / Ana Cisneros

Conceived & Directed by / Roshanak Jaberi
Produced by / Roshanak Jaberi
Photography by / Danielle Khan Da Silva
Post-Production by / Danielle Khan Da Silva
Cinematography by / Danielle Khan Da Silva
Edited by / Danielle Khan Da Silva
Camera Assistance / Nika Belianina

Music / “A Moment of Clarity” by Stephen Keech, “Hold This Place”
and “Endgame” by Alice in Winter, “After the Storm” by Moments

Closed Captioning / Erick Nettel

Funded by / The Canada Council for the Arts
Presented by / City of Kingston, Cultural Services



Trigger Warning

Content includes adult language and depictions of violent events

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Augmented Reality (AR) Photo Exhibit

This documentary film and photography exhibit can be experienced in Augmented Reality at the Kingston Grand Theatre, as part of a free public art installation at 218 Princess St, Kingston, ON.

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