About This Project

Through kinetic dance, immersive imagery and an original live score, Stones considers the spectrum and history of violence against women by focusing on one of its most extreme iterations: the practice of stoning. Don’t miss this unique and powerful work created by a diverse cast of some of Toronto’s most fierce and gifted female artists.


“Stones takes on gender-based violence with heart-piercing lyricism…the work has an urgency at its core issue that is embodied by its impassioned, fiercely kinetic ensemble.” – NOW Magazine


“Part abstract expression, part testimonial—#stonesTO integrates elements of physical theatre, projected imagery and live musical score to forge a audio-visual tapestry…exceptionally well-performed…a breathtaking eruption of cold information made flesh.” – Mooney On Theatre


Roshanak Jaberi’s Interview with She Does The City:


Lead Creator & Director - Anita La Selva
Performers - Roshanak Jaberi, Lilia Leon, Sarah Murphy-Dyson, Nickeshia Garrick, Roula Said, Anoshinie Muhundarajah, Waleed Abdulhamid
Scenography - Trevor Schwellnus
Costume Design - Jackie Chau
Sound Design - Maddie Bautista
Stage Manager - Christina Cicko
Technical Direction/Production Management - Remington North
Dramaturgical Consultant - Soheil Parsa
Photo - Jeremy Mimnagh
Stones was created by Anita La Selva with Nickeshia Garrick, Roshanak Jaberi, Lilia Leon, Roula Said, Katelyn McCulloch, Tosha Doiron, Krystal Kiran and Michelle Polak.

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