Dialogues on the Edge: A Living Exhibit


Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR)
Winnipeg, MB

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About This Project

‘Dialogues on the Edge’ is a three-year project in partnership with IRIS-Institute for Research and Development on Inclusion and Society. The project brings together thought leaders with artists to develop a multi-disciplinary living exhibition that aims to demonstrate cross-cutting dialogues towards revealing, addressing and encountering human rights in peril, struggle and triumph. 


The project will explore the history and present-day experiences of Indigenous, racialized, migrant people, and people of African descent and people with disabilities in Canada. How do we understand climate change, mass migration, gender-based violence, war and the termination of lives in these dialogues? What are the happenings that are punctuating public consciousness? How do we understand the connectedness of these happenings across all of the diverse populations living here on Turtle Island and beyond?


Through dance, theatre, poetry, visual and media arts, ‘Dialogues on the Edge’ will help us understand the nature, complexity and implications of the experiences of marginalization by diverse communities.