Behind the Stained Walls


Director & Choreographer - Roshanak Jaberi
Rehearsal Director & Dramaturge - Debbie Wilson
Performers - Lina Jimenez, Miranda Liverpool, Lua Shayenne, Roshanak Jaberi
Videographer - Joel Gordon
Photographer - Nzeghwua Anderson


Toronto Arts Council
Ontario Arts Council
University of Toronto

Company Repertoire, Past
About This Project

Behind the Stained Walls is based on real stories of former political prisoners, who have survived the injustices of the violent and oppressive regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is inspired by the first hand accounts and experiences of survivors who were interviewed, and the prison memoirs of others who endured a similar fate. This work is a statement of solidarity with these women and men and a way of protest against state sponsored violence. We hope that this piece will serve to honour the memory of those who lost their lives, will reflect the stories of those who survived, and will be a voice for those who are presently living this reality.


This work is part of the Words, Colour, Movement project facilitated by Dr. Shahrzad Mojab and Bethany J. Osborne, as well as Dr. Mojab’s project Memories, Memoirs and the Arts: Women Political Prisoners. Behind the Stained Walls has been presented in Canada, US and Europe. Special thanks to the private donors who supported this project and former political prisoners who bravely and candidly shared their stories with us.