Stones Project

May 25 - 10, 2018
8 PM

Tickets: $15-$20
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Through kinetic dance, immersive imagery and an original live score, Stones considers the spectrum and history of violence against women by focusing on one of its most extreme iterations: the practice of stoning. This unique and powerful work was created and directed by, Anita La Selva and co-created by the performing ensemble; a diverse cast of some of Toronto’s most fierce and gifted female artists, Stones was created by Anita La Selva with JDT’s Artistic Director, Roshanak Jaberi, Nickeshia Garrick, Roshanak Jaberi, Lilia Leon, Roula Said, Katelyn McCulloch, Tocsha Doiron, Krystal Kiran and Michelle Polak.

Geary Lane Studios
360 Geary Lane

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