Borderless Citizen

November 20, 2019
10 AM -11:30 PM

Stories of Oppression: A discussion of truth, process, and objectives.

Performative arts, dance, and theatre hold great potential for telling unseen stories. Embodied performance can initiate a learning process into the reality-based experiences of people who have been subjected to extreme oppressive circumstances. However, there are many complex issues to examine before embarking on such work that involve awareness of who we are in relationship to experiences that are not our own. This workshop of movement and text based exercises will explore the use of art in the telling of marginalized people’s experiences. It will explore key process and ethical considerations for artists, activists and academics alike as they set out to develop work of this nature. Harbourfront Centre and the British Council in Canada have come together to produce and present The Borderless Citizen Project, an initiative that explores human migration through the intersection of culture, leadership, and public policy.

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