2023 Mentorship Co-hort

Photo of Veronica Simpson by Dayna Szyndrowski

January 24, 2023

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Announcing our 2023 Mentorship Recipients!

We’re thrilled to start the year by supporting this talented group of local artists at various stages in their careers, working in a variety of artistic disciplines. Our program launched this Winter and we received an overwhelming response with applications from across the city. 15 artists were selected and paired with a mentor of their choosing, and 2 artists will be engaging in a co-mentorship project. Follow us on Instagram as we spotlight these artists in the coming weeks! Get to know them and learn about their explorations as they deepen their creative practices. Funded by the Government of Canada, The Performing Arts Workers Resilience Fund.

Congratulations to:

Maggie Lucas & Zorga Qaunaq (Mentor), Derek Souvannavong & Peter Chin (Mentor), Aryana Malekzadeh & Irma Villafuerte (Mentor), Elvina Raharja & Karyin Qiu (Mentor), Sully Malaeb Proulx & Francesca Chudnoff (Mentor), Veronica Simpson & Bob Becker (Mentor), Kass Prus & Lilia Leon (Mentor), Michael Mortley & Louis Laberge-Cote (Mentor), Bri Clarke & Dedra McDermott (Mentor), Ethan Joshua & Yvonne Ng (Mentor), Jessica Mak & Valerie Calam (Mentor), Victoria Mata & Shannon Litzenberger (Co-Mentors), Mary-Dora Bloch-Hansen & Fiona Griffiths (Mentor), Keira Forde & Ms. Coco Murray (Mentor), Aria Evans & Yolanda Bonnell (Mentor), Mairéad Filgate & Tedi Tafel (Mentor)

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