Jaberi Dance Theatre is a contemporary and inter-disciplinary performing art company that serves to support the research, creation and presentation of Roshanak Jaberi’s artistic work. Incorporated as a non-profit organization, the company is committed to exploring socially and politically relevant content that highlights the stories and lived experiences of racialized women, while providing a platform for intercultural collaboration and exchange.


Jaberi Dance Theatre aspires to create thought-provoking and innovative performances to engage, inspire and mobilize audiences towards social change. The company strives to develop unique collaborations with professional Canadian and international artists, organizations, educators and activists who share a common vision.

Core Values

Research | Our practice includes presenting stories authentically and ethically through a research informed artistic process

Collaboration | We follow a collaborative model that employs a diverse artistic and cross cultural practice with national and international collaborators

Social Justice | We are dedicated to creating and producing socially conscious artistic work that encourages social cohesion and promotes human rights

Innovation | We are committed to creating original work that re-envisions traditional forms and pushes boundaries by experimenting with new ideas and processes