We are a team of artists, activists and researchers brought together by Artistic Director Roshanak Jaberi, to collaborate and make visible the stories of racialized women through live performances and digital experiences.  Our work brings attention to their journey, revealing both their struggles and their triumphs.

“Poetic and urgent blending of dance and politics.” -My Entertainment World


  • We produce live performances and digital experiences

  • We create original and contemporary work with a diverse cast of performers

  • We tell stories by bridging multiple art forms including dance, theatre, installation and visual arts

  • We use immersive technology to provide an augmented experience of our art

  • We commission work from Canadian and international dance and theatre artists

  • We offer professional training, residencies and mentorship opportunities for performing artists

  • We provide creative storytelling and movement workshops for the public


  • We select topics of global relevance that matter to us

  • We help the public deepen their understanding of the issues impacting their communities

  • We produce work that is research-based, purpose-driven and collaborative

  • We partner with activists, researchers, and organizations working with communities in need

  • We build meaningful relationships with the communities represented in our art

  • We make visible the stories of racialized women facing social and political barriers

  • We continually seek to learn, understand and improve the impact of our work


I come from a family of artists and entrepreneurs. My love of the arts was passed down to me from my father–a visual artist, craftsman and musician; and my grandfather–a master ceramic artist. My interest for storytelling was sparked and nurtured at a young age by my mother and my grandmothers. My spirit of activism was fueled by the culture and political climate I was born into. I travel often and love nothing more than following my curiosity and getting lost in my own imagination. My desire to create and my need to respond to the injustices of the world around me, led me to develop this company in 2017. It is my great privilege to be able to tell the stories of the many women from around the world who have, and continue to, inspire me.


Roshanak Jaberi, Artistic Director