Jaberi Dance Theatre | No Woman’s Land
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No Woman’s Land


Director & Choreographer - Roshanak Jaberi
Researchers & Collaborators - Doris Rajan of The Institute for Research & Development on Inclusion and Society (IRIS) & Professor Shahrzad Mojab, scholar and activist at the University of Toronto
Mentor & Artistic Advisor: Karen Kaeja
Dramaturge: Soheil Parsa
Sound Designer: Thomas Ryder Payne
Scenographer: Trevor Schwellnus
Performers: Irma Villafuerte, Nickeshia Garrick, Victoria Mata, Denise Solleza, Katelyn McCulloch, Drew Berry, Ahmed Moneka
Research Assistants: Erin Howley, Nayrouz Abu Hatoum
Community Facilitators: Parvathy Kanthasamy, Sarah Saad, Hoda Samater


The Ontario Arts Council & It's Never Okay: Ontario's Action Plan to Stop Sexual Violence and Harassment
The Toronto Arts Council

Company Repertoire, In Development
About This Project

No Woman’s Land is an evocative new work based on real stories of women in refugee camps. The production uses dance, multi-media and verbatim theatre to explore the issues of displacement and gender based violence.

No Woman’s Land is an intimate, thought provoking and emotionally moving work that honours refugee women’s courage, resilience, and shares their extraordinary stories of survival. The project involved a three-year research and development process and will premiere in March 2019.